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Activity Schedule

Association activitiesaim at forming positive attitudes towards the environment and to the cultural values​​. The Association's current activities are:


·Mountain sports (caving, climbing,cannyoning, mountain biking, mountaineering)

· Activities to promote nature (discussions, debates, exhibitions, competitions, scientific papers)

· Nature camps

· Environmental education, ecological actions

· Exploration andresearch of complex karst environments,other scientific activities

· Implementation of our own projects or as partners

· Organization /participation in youth actions

· Organizing eventsto promote local cultural values ​​( the archaeological monuments, traditions and customs, costumes, crafts, etc..)

·Editing and dissemination of material(written and audio-visual)to promote natural and cultural heritage values ​​of Hunedoara county.


The Association provides consulting services, and accompaniesdata exchangein the field, on a voluntary basisor for purchase, in the field of environmental protection and mountain tourism



Period 2004-2009

RESPONSIBILITIES: Management of the reservation "Limestones of Magura Hill"Baita village,Hunedoara County, for which the NGO as custodian(appointed by MMGA trough APM Deva -no. 7405/07.07.2004 REG).

Areas of Interest
Sureanu Retezat, Metaliferi, Poiana Rusca Mountains and Hunedoara city