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Mountain Climbing

Climbing Areas in Hunedoara County

            The main climbing areasin Hunedoara County are developedon limestone. The most frequented areas are: Crăciuneşt Gorges, Mada Gorges, Glodului Gorges, Vulcan Mountain, Taia Gorges, Roşia Gorges, Buta Gorges. Classic mounteneering routes can be found in the alpine of the Retezat Mountains on the granite.




They are a part of Natural Protected area "Limestonesof Magura Hill" and Natura 2000 Site "Magurile Baitei”. The Reservation covers an area of ​​120 ha. Access is from Deva, using the national road to town Beva - Brad to Bejan, thennorth on DJ 706 A.

The Limestone wallsheight up to 200m.It is recommended that climbing routes be passed through only by 2 persons – a head andsecond rope climbersto ensure security in groupings, having regard to their currentequipment. Climbing routes, made by the 90’s have most outlets dug and good insurance, but unfortunately many have simplecharts.

Accommodation in the reservation can be done in tents. Water can be found  at a stream
under the debris of the Vanatariei andat the source under the bridge near the road.Climbing areas andclimbing routes arelisted on the wall, from left to right.

Sturu wall is near the bridge that leads to the pit, being the most accessible. Next to the bridge that leads to the pit you can climb to the left side on a path marked by the debris, and then on it to the wall. Before reaching the wall, about 50 m on the right there is a spring). Then the path continues to climb to the "refuge" (a huge slab at Vanatariei Wall).


Climbing areais on the southern wall.The routes are set in volcanic rock (andesite).Most of them are made by Horatiu Dicoi.


Are located in Ore Mountains in Hunedoara County. Acces is from European road E68, fiind being situated at about 25km from Orastie and 43km from Deva. After we leave the road and get through Geoagiu, we continue our way to Zlatna, for 4 more km. From thisemerges an unpaved road to the left (7 km), which leads us Mada Gorges. Climbing routesare in two locations- at the entrance to the quay wall called "Cliff" and "Cave Wall"


Situated in the north of Hunedoara County to limit Alba County. Massive limestone witha maximum altitude of 1257 m, it is situated in the Ore Mountains. It has the status of protected area, declared as Natura2000 site. The acces to the climbing wall is made through Buces-Vulcan Pass which is crossed by the road that connects Abrud and Brad cities. It is 65 km away from Deva, 75 km from AlbaIulia, 140 km from Cluj Napoca and 180 km of Oradea.
Since the withdrawal of routes is doneby several boosteris recommended to use 60m ropes.

Limestone walls presentverticality and in many places overhangs. The most spectacularisPeretele Corbilor. The height, up to 150 m of the slope, made possible the implementation of pitons of classical paths of 5-7 Ic.


Acces from Petroşani and Tirgu Jiu on national road ( DN 66), then on DN 66 A, from Lupeni and Uricani.

The climbing walls are located near ButaChalet in the gorges sector.