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The Cave Rescue Service Hunedoara

Cavers of Mountain Sports Club are involved in the cave rescue service "Salvaspeo” Hunedoara, Romania.
For intervention in case of accidents in the caves on the territory of Hunedoara county call the emergengy number 112. The call is directed to the Public Service Rescue-Salvaspeo Hunedoara County. Salvaspeo county Team consists of volunteer cavers, legitimate members of the Romanian Federation of Speleology and of the Associations: Mountain Sports Club Hunedoara (7 persons), Rhinolophus Lupeni (3 persons), Brad Zarand (1 person), Proteus Hunedoara (one person).

In 2006, at the initiative of Rhinolophus Lupeni Club the National Salvaspeo Exercise was organized in Alunii Negri Cave.
In 2007 CSM Hunedoara organized the Salvaspeo National Exercise held in Cave Cioclovina with Water – Ponorici (over 80 participants, 14 hours)
Beginning with 2007 it also developed the specialized training of speleologists in theNational Salvaspeo School held in Rosia, Bihor County.

In Hunedoara county there are currently 16 volunteers involved incave rescue activities, of which 12are certified assaviors of the underground (4 team leadersand 8 technicians).

From 2009 the cave rescue team Salvaspeo was included in The County Public Rescue Service Salvamont-Salvaspeo which also provide most of the financing of the team. In 2010 we started building a trainingpolygon for TSA-Cave rescue service in the cave portal SuraMica.
The county took actionto the rescue in Sura Mare Cave (8-9 January 2011),but It was asked to intervene in other similaractivities (Papara’s Huda Cave - in May 2010, Cave R3- June 2011).


Of salvaspeo team County Public Rescue Service-
Salvamont-Salvaspeo Hunedoara

NATIONAL TRAINING – Cioclovina with Water Cave – 2007