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21/04/2011Cannyoning shift

2-3.04.2011  Club in Alert! - Sura Mare -Cave Therefore3 members of CSM salvaspeoteam were in the area. On this occasionwe startedtraining at the cliff.

25-27.03.2011Rescue Serviceteam SalvaspeoHunedoara (amongst5 persons inCSM Hd)went to cavePonorici for a  preventiverescue exercise. All the 3 verticals at the entrance in the Ponorici Cave were taken off, to avoid future entry of  people  who don’t posses TSA (Advanced Caving Training) and to prevent them from having accidents.

03/21/2011Rescue Serviceteam SalvaspeoHunedoara (7 people from CSM) went to thecaves Ponorici-Cioclovinawith water to check for any injuredpersons underground.The movement wasnecessary because after the notificationmade ​​byclub members GradisteaMuncelului CioclovinaPark Administration, mountainrangers withgendarmes wentto enterthe cave and found the firstvertical stillequipped. Becausethis cavetours do not exceed 7-8 hoursand its equipment had already been  heldfor 24 hours, we conducteda verification of the cave, covering it from upstreamto downstream. Novictims were found. Unfortunatelytourists who came were not cavers  but "adventurers" .They Do not know how toproceed , they donot ask permission to the parkadministration, they do not know the laws. If you may find tourists dressed unproperly on the flanks, we found climbing ropes in the cave and rapid rings bought from the supermarket... A proofof the "good” sense of ourguests was the garbage they left behind.

19-20.03.2011 Photo Shift in Sureanu Mountains and the salvaspeo team shift in Ponorici-Cioclovina. Unfortunately we saw irregularities on the first vertical in The Ponorici Cave- bad equipping, made by people who are unaware of the caving technique. We announced the park administration and the Salvamont Hd service.

6.03.2011 Two people in shift on Vulcan mountain (Cosmin and Razvan)

4-6.03.2011 One person (Adi) takes part in the SARS team training, at Neag’s field

11-13.01.2011 Shift in Parang   Mountain. We combined the useful  with the pleasant, the ridge shift with the General Gathering  of  CSM. About  15 club members met, we’ve made our gathering, we’ve snowboarded and "in a old fashion” we climbed Parangul Mic because the fog prevented us from seeing the path. We continue bat-counting in the caves in Sureanu and search for other prehistorical life evidence in this habitat – CSM shift with 4 cavemen

8-9.01.2011 I thank to all my club colleagues - Diconi Daniel, Girjaliu Marius, Sopincean Adrian, Stan Cosmin and the other members of the Salvaspeo team in the Salvamont SalvaSpeo Service Hunedoara  - Zaiu Eduart, Ardelean Augustin si Kenesz Marius, which responded promptly at the alarm-call, although it came at 23 PM, in a celebration day. They left their families home and in only an hour from the alarm, with the equipment in the car they headed towards the cave. They waited for the big-hearted and well-prepared medic from the Petrosani Emergency, SARS Romania member – Mihai Preda, who went with them until they found the injured one and he stood next to him giving the necessary caring, until he was took by the SMURD Petrosani Ambulance. IThank my colleagues from the teams SalvaSpeo Cluj (Calin,Gigi,Laci,Feri,Clio) and Arad(Misu, Vali,Sabin) for the quickness in arriving at the Sura Mare Cave in Ohaba Ponor, Baru Village. Only 5 hours were sufficient for equipping and crossing the 300km. I thank the teams who ensured 112 sevice, colleagues from Salvamont Hunedoara and SMURD firefighters.

Mihaela Sopincean, President of Mountain Sports Club Hunedoa

Team member of salvaspeo Hunedoara

3-5.12.2010Another photo turn. This time only three have entered the water - Adi, Dani and Cosmin.

30.11-01.12.2010  Photo tour at Cioclovina with Water Cave- 3 flashes and one behind the camera (Adi,Dani ,and Mihai Cosmin).

19-21.11.2010 A brief adventure in the cave Stanu Ciuţii - M. Şureanu. Tibi and Adi encountered difficulties. Dani kept sure that the water gallery doesn’t fill. Sadly, it couldn’t pass only the first sifon, the one Tibi also had passed 20 years ago.

12-14.11.2010 A great time for our tour of
Southern Retezat.

Objectives: The cross of the ice aven (cave that starts with a vertical) "Borzii Vinetii” until the terminus point (-65m). Observation in terms of a possible continuation; observation of the cavern in terms of current  modeling processes, observations on the mass of ice, designing camera material. Achievements: We manage to reach the terminus reached by CSM members in august when the aven was found. The ice plug is lowered with about 5m from the end of august. The rymaies are large (1.5-2m) on the Nordic direction of the aven. The aspect of firn ice is kept in the Final Chamber. The endocarstic landscape and actual modelation processes were inventoried. There aren’t any chances of continuing trough lateral galleries.

6-7.10.2010 We took part at the local salvaspeo team Hunedoara exercise. Purpose : Homogenization of the salvaspeo team in the county. From the 13 people which took part, 11 were members of CSM Hunedoara and 2 from the Rinolofus Lupeni association. The action took place at the vertical prepared by our club’s members in the entrance in Sura Mica Cave. A new Petzl Nest stretcher bought with the funds from CJ, was tested. The TV station Antena 1 Deva mediatised the action in the local News Bulletin in 10th and 11th11.2010

5.11.2010 It took place in the "Balul Bobocilor” activity. 16 students from Iancu de Hunedoara National College, volunteers in the association "Multum In Parvo” organized for their colleagues from the V-VIII grades an interactive afternoon. Purpose: new-student socialization in the V-th grade with the other students in the gimnazial cicle. Target group/participants: 178 students from V-VIII forms. Beneficiary: approximately 300 people(teachers,students,parents)

31.10.2010 We profited of the warm day and put our climbing espadrills on. Some of us were the fist time at the ridge. It’s a joy to have close to town a cute track as at the Deva Citadel.

30.10.2010. 12 young men and 3 teachers From Matei Corvin Technical College – ex School nr.6 worked undercover for other 150 young men to celebrate the arrival of autumn. Games and contests, mask and costume parade marked the Halloween celebration. The "Legaturi Noi” Association was counseled for this action by CSM Hunedoara in the "information-communication-awareness” project – project made for the youth in Hunedoara city

25-39.10.2011 We are on the last stage of organizing the action by the Multum im Parvo association in the "information-=communication-awareness” project – project made for the youth in Hunedoara city

22.10.2010 In the Corvin Park took place the action called "A day of marathon”. Organizators: 10 young highschoolers from the APAC association in Traian Lalescu National College, tought of diverse tasks: physical aptitudes, spontaneity, abilities. 200 students took part, accompanied by the main-teachers. The competition was tight, the young ones enthusiastically taking part at all the challenges. The mascot of the competition was won by the VIII-a Class. The action was made public by Radio Color Hunedoara, Radio Unison Hunedoara.

12-15.10.2010 We counsel youth from the Legaturi Noi Association for preparing the Halloween Action which will take place in 30thof November 2010

13-14.10.2010 We counsel youth from the APAC association for preparing the "a day of marathon” activity, destined for kids and young men from the classes V-VIII from Traian Lalescu National College

10.10.2010 Canyoning shift at Crivadia with the youth from the club

6.10.2010 – The Varnish of the "Focus Natura” expo brought in a numerous public in the Art Gallery in Hunedoara City. The 19 youngsters which took part in the summer photo-camp exposed over 90 wonderful pictures took in Gradistea-Muncelului-Cioclovina Natural Park or other trips. The high outfit of the expo is due to the originality of the message sent and the sense of beauty,purity of the exposed photos. The very good quality of the pictures shows that the youngsters knew the technical info they learnt at the course. The expo enjoyed public awarness by the Antena 1 Deva Channel and Radio Color Hunedoara.

20.09.2010 – We select the photographs and prepare the Focus Natura expo which will be held in the Art Gallery in Hunedoara in 6-11.10.2010. The manifestation is the outcome of the over-summer work of 20 youngsters trained in photo technique in the photo course done by CSM Hunedoara in the project financed by The Local Counsel of Hunedoara

28.09.2010 – 13 leaders from 4 nonprofit organizations in Hunedoara take part at the forming-course as Project Manager, course accredited by CNFPA. The action is possible due to the CSM HD which rules the project "information-communication-awareness”. In parallel, a forming of 40 young men in APAC,Multim im Parvo and Legaturi Noi, associations with work near the schools in Hunedoara City, for writing activities at projects. In Traian Lalescu National College, Iancu de Hunedoara National College and General School nr.6 informing regarding associative life, youngster structures, youngster rights were made.

26.09.2010 – Initiation in TSA of the new CSM members at Sura Mica Cave

13.09.2010 – We started the activities of the "information-communication-awareness” project, destined for the youth in Hunedoara City.The Project Manager courses for adult leaders from Hunedoara associations and expo about minor leaders (NGO leaders, the role of the leader, writing a sponsorship request from unrambursable funds)

13-19.09.2010 Club stage organization TSA – 5 participants TSA1 (4 graduators) and 8 TSA 2 (7 graduators). One week at the mountain on the Western Jiu, trough the caves in Southern Retezat.

8-12.09.2010 Taking part at the National Caving Congress – Edition XXXVIII – Stei, Bihor county. Four CSM Hunedoara members took part at the pre-congress shifts ( Micula Cave and Canyoning on Cheia Rea) and congress activities (foto exposition, foto-video projections nights,social evening, meetings) We thank the organization for the warm and familiar atmosphere which they created for the adrenaline-filled activities – Climbing on beer caskets and TSA contest, and mainly for the Caving Shifts

20-22.08.2010 Caving shift in Southern Retezat! After 15 august, you can tell the autumn came at the mountain. The beeches tips turn yellow, the evening comes quick and the nights are cold. We didn’t felt the sun’s heat too much. Three days – three caving shifts.